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November 2021, Mead Botanical Gardens

When I meet my clients at their session, it's usually the first time seeing the whole family unit together, and boyyy did I hit the photographer's jackpot with this family! A family with the most adorable baby girl AND a golden retriever?!

My husband and I have a sweet golden retriever who we see as our puppy son as well, and we've been hoping to start our own family soon, so photographing this family who had a golden retriever first and love him just like we love our boy was like manifesting the future for my family.

Hudson was such a good big brother during this session, being patient with Mila while she crawled around and patted his head in the cute flailing fashion that babies do.

And Mila was in such high spirits, freshly awaken from her nap and ready to take on the world in her stylish outfit that puts most adults to shame.

Fingers crossed that I have photos like these of my own family in the years to come!


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I am an Orlando family photographer who loves coffee, sushi and creating beautiful things. My introverted soul is revitalized by watching movies, snuggling with my husband and Golden Retriever, and painting. Thank you so much for stopping by. I am so thrilled that you are here!

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